Watercolor classes in Copenhagen

Be creative with funny and calm watercolor classes in Copenhagen.

Book a table for fun and learn how to be creative.

Mette offers watercolor courses in Copenhagen for both beginners and as workshops.
Feel free to visit the Artstreet in Copenhagen Artstreet. Rørholmsgade 10.
You can book a table by e-mail kunstogkurser@gmail.com

Art classes

Watercolor fun - learn to paint nature and flowers

Watercolor Classes 3 hours

Visit Copenhagen and be creative in Mettes artstudio 


Workshops and events 

These courses provide participants with the opportunity to explore the fascinating techniques of watercolor painting, regardless of their level of experience. With Mette's expert guidance, participants can learn to paint with watercolor and develop their skills in a creative and supportive atmosphere. 

Watercolor Classes in Copenhagen book now on kunstogkurser@gmail.com

Workshops after appointment for minimum 2 persons.  

The courses are designed for small groups of up to 2 - 6 people at a time, ensuring that each participant receives a lot of attention and guidance from Mette. 

Be Creative in Copenhagen and play with watercolor paintings and drawings

 Located in the city center, the courses are easily accessible and offer an inspiring and central location for participants. Whether one wants to explore artistic abilities or simply try something new and exciting, these watercolor courses are the perfect place to start. 

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Watercolour courses in Copenhagen. Book place for creative time.

Welcome to Copenhagen - Book creative time here and have fun with watercolor sessions 3 hours. 400 kr.-

Mette offers a varied program covering everything from basic techniques to more advanced topics, allowing participants to explore their creativity and express themselves through watercolor painting.

For those interested in attending these courses, it is easy to get in touch with Mette and book a spot.

By contacting Mette directly, participants can secure a place in an upcoming course and start exploring the exciting world of watercolor painting.

With Mette's expertise and small class sizes, these courses are a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to improve their painting skills and find inspiration in a supportive community of like-minded artists.

Watercolour classes as events in Copenhagen can be booked here:
Please send an email for contact for dates and time to Mette Hansgaard: metteskunst@gmail.com 

Book bord til kreativ tid

Rørholmsgade 10.
1352 København K.
Kontakt Mette på kunstogkurser@gmail.com / SMS 42 68 09 00
Across Bothanical Garden and SMK Your will find: Copenhagen Artstreet - Rørholmsgade

We will meet in the street: Rørholmsgade 10. 1352 Copenhagen. Book an appointment on e-mail kunstogkurser@gmail.com

Mette is a danish artist. Read more at www.mhkunst.com  - Since 2017 Mette has been teaching in watercolors for beginners. Se more onTrustpilot  trustpilot.